M ira is a multinational company, established in 1996 to provide products and services in mobile technologies. Major role of Mira is to produce voice response systems, voice recording systems and provide mobile services.

Since the establishment of the company, Mira delivered projects to mobile-fixed line operators and content providers worldwide, as well as to medium and big enterprises. Mira supports delivery models like IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

Mira is partnering with Aculab, Ai-Logix and Synway for providing telephony hardware. Our solution partners on speech recognition and speech synthesis technologies are Gvz, Nuance.

Our mission is to launch our products and solutions worldwide while maintaining high availability on our products.

Our products and solutions are:
  • Interactive Voice Response Systems / Mira Ivr
  • Mira Value Added Services Delivery Platform / Mira Vas-DP
  • Hospitality Services Platform / iResort
  • Tour Operator Platform / Mobile Tourist
  • Interactive Voice Messaging Systems / Mira Vms
  • High Capacity Digital Voice Logging Systems / Mira DiaLogger
  • Call Detail Reporting Platform / Mira CDR