Mobile Tourist

Digital Guide for Activities

Think about all the printed guides you need to carry with you during your holiday; guides about hotel or resort itself, pools, restaurants, bars, shops, daily tours, point of interests and activities such as spa, land sports, water sports, scuba diving and more. Even if you managed to do so, you’d never be aware of open restaurants and activities at any time of the day. With Mobile Tourist application, all guides you need about the hotel or resort are in your smart phone.

Even before you start your holiday you choose which daily tours to attend, what activities you want to join and which places to go for dinner. You will have all your program up to date in your smartphone, no need to worry about last minute changes on schedules, you’ll be instantly notified.

Sometimes we want to find a pool bar or snack restaurant which is serving food or drink specifically at that time. Or we might be wondering about activities we could participate instantly. ‘What can I eat now’ and ‘What can I do now’ features has exactly been developed for this requirement. Mobile Tourist is connected to hotel or resort database and you can always query dynamic information anytime you want.

Reservation for tours and activities

Reservation for tours: How are you booking for daily tours or activities in the hotel you are staying? Going to guest relations desk? Or finding the tour guide for the activity inside the hotel? Using Mobile Tourist application, what you need to do is just choosing the daily tour you’d like to make a reservation, and book your place for anytime you like. That simple! In addition you’ll get a reminder from the application before the activity.

Content upload and management over web

Content Upload and Management: Mobile Tourist application delivers a complete web based content management platform for hotel and tor management. Using this tool, content management team can enter photo, video, text and location based information about tours, hotels, restaurants, bars, point of interests and activities such as daily tours and more.

Content management platform is hosted in cloud, meaning that no server or equipment is needed inside the tour operator. All the information is uploaded by signing into the system via this web site.