Mira VAS-DP is a common platform for value added service provider companies working with different telecom operators, thus having different integration points. Utilizing Mira VAS-DP creating value added services will be done only once and easily for all operators.

Time to market for a new service will be short and require less effort with Mira VAS-DP rapid service creation environment. Using latest technologies, you’ll be familiar with Mira VAS-DP platform from the very first day. You can also integrate Mira VAS-DP with your own applications and services via web-service interface.

Mira VAS-DP supports promotional activities of your service in many channels like bulk SMS, wap push SMS, IVR promo calls and network initiated USSD. Success ratios of promotion can be reported with web based tools.

Service delivery has also many channels and can be controlled easily with web based management tools. Popular channels like web, wap, sms, ivr, ussd can be your service delivery channels.

Charging is integrated trough industry standards like diameter, MT/MO sms charging, CDR files etc. Charging can be online or offline. Event based charging, duration based charging, call based charging, subscription based charging models are supported. Charging monitoring and reporting can be tracked via web interface.

You can create from basic push pull SMS services, to content delivery portals, subscription based dating portals and integrate seamlessly with telecom operators.