Mira DiaLogger

DiaLogger enables logging of both voice and additional information of a conversation such as date, time, calling and called parties and stores these information for future reference.

It is an ideal product for agencies, banks, financial institutions, credit card centers, insurance companies, call centers, sales departments, military and security organizations, fire department, airlines, hospitals and emergency services, municipalities, etc.

DiaLogger can be directly connected to analog lines, proprietary pbx extensions, pri, bri, r1 & r2 cas lines and ss7 network.

Recording process may be triggered with different events mentioned below:

  • VOX Trigger: Recording starts with the detection of a voice signal on the line and continues until a predetermined duration of silence occurs.
  • Loop Current Trigger: Recording starts with the loop current on the line caused by off hook and finishes with on hook.
  • Time Interval Trigger: Every signal on the line within a predefined time interval is recorded.
  • External Trigger: Recording starts with an external signal.
  • CLI and DNIS Trigger: DiaLogger can start recording based on calling or called number information.

Silence truncation (record operation pauses in case of silence) is available on all trigger types. Recordings on the system can be saved using various compression formats ranging between 8kb/sec to 128kb/sec. Using GSM compression rate (13.3 kb/s) 175 hours of conversation can be recorded in 1 Gbyte disk space. Status of the channels can be monitored anytime using the system monitor. Recordings can be located easily using information such as channel number, time, date, touch tones, notes, calling number (CLI) and called number (DNIS). It is possible to pause during playback or replay the selected part of a long recording. Recordings can be saved to a media in Windows Wave format and can also be played remotely. All access to Dialogger is logged on the system database. Free seating feature is provided with CTI integration. Information such as time, date, touch tones, notes, calling number (CLI) and called number (DNIS) can also be formatted to a text file.

Voice records may be backed up to DVD RAM, removable hard disk, CD-R, DDS3 or to another high capacity media. The information of backed up records is not removed from the system, so search queries can be performed for backed up files. With automatic back up utility, records may be automatically backed up without a need for an operator attendance.