Mira VMS

Mira Vms is a centralized voice messaging platform and may be deployed from small sized enterprises to telco operators. Auto attendant feature is also available when the system is connected to a pbx system.

In addition to standard support for English, Russian and Turkish languages, many other languages can be implemented.

As a new message arrives to the system, the owner of the message may be notified via his extension, mobile or home telephone, desktop computer, gsm phone with a short message and e-mail.

Message box owners can create different message notification profiles for different days or time intervals. Voice messages can be sent to the owner of the message as a voice file attached to an e-mail. A pre-recorded message may be sent to any telephone number on any date and time.

While listening to a message, owner of the message may go to the beginning and end of the message. Maximum number of messages, maximum period of a new message and greeting message, automatic storage duration of old and new messages can be altered in user basis.

The call flows for Mira Vms have been implemented using Mira Miracle visual call scenario development tool developed for Mira Ivr (Interactive Voice Response) systems. Thus, Mira Vms is actually a specific ivr service and any step in call flow may be changed very easily.

Administration of Mira Vms is done through a web based interface and this gives a freedom of managing the system from any workstation connected to Vms system.

Subscriber and system based information are stored in MS SQL Server. So, additional applications based on database information can be developed rapidly. There are no limitations to use tools such as Crystal ReportsĀ® for creating reports and statistics from the system. Any MS SQL compatible tool can be used for this purpose.

The system runs in totally distributed configuration. The calls coming into the system or calls initated by the system are managed by Mira Ivr server. Mira Ivr Server is responsible for only receiving or making calls, playing or recording messages, and follow the specified call scenario. Mira Ivr never performs database operations. In case a database interaction is required, Mira Ivr server makes a request to Mira Query Server and database requests are performed by Mira Query Server. The logs are inserted into the log database by Mira Log Server. These applications may run in different servers and this gives a big flexibility on managing the load on each server.

Sms notifications for new messages are performed by Mira Smpp server which is connected to a Smpp compatible Sms service centre.