Turkey’s first mobile voice portal

Kcell replaces their voice mail system with Mira Vms.
Eylül 6, 2003

Turkey’s first mobile voice portal deployment successfully completed.

Oksijen and Mira has successfully completed Turkey’s first mobile voice portal deployment. Mira Ivr and Oksijen’s multimedia mobile services platform, EasyBridge were integrated to form the infrastructure of the first speech enabled mobile portal in Turkey. Nuance’s Turkish speech recognition engine has been used to give users a full barge-in supported dialogue. Oksijen and Mira believe that speech recognition will be the main man-machine interface in the future. Integrating speech recognition with mobile services, the two companies enabled millions of subscribers to access many useful services with speech, while they are mobile. Using the portal services, subscribers can now access financial information including exchange rates and stock prices, session information on movie theathers, pharmacies on duty and latest soccer news by talking to the system. Those who do not want to bother with writing the details down, can say ‘sms’ and get details delivered to their phone or say ‘call’ and get connected. Throughout the project, the greatest difficulty has been managing the human interaction. Caller behavior has been analysed on various trials for almost a year and the interaction between the callers and the voice portal has been designed several times based on the information collected from the trials to enhance the quality of the system and to achieve maximum success rate.

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